BOOT CAMP:     Level 1

Only $39

Get ready for life a changing transformation! The Spartan Pit Boot Camp is specifically designed to take you step by step in you fitness journey



You get:
- Nutrition Class
- Boot Camp Log Book to track your progress
- Exercise Fundamentals Class
- Before and after pictures
- Measurements 
- Facebook support group
- Access to a Trainer online

- Add choose from Morning or Evening classes!
and much more!!

Check out some of our Spartan Warriors in action!

Our Spartan Pit Boot Camp instructors give extra attention to our Warriors to ensure you’re getting a safe but challenging workout while building strength and shredding body fat! 

Check out some of our Warriors who have achieved amazing results in just 5 short weeks!

Once you have advanced and are looking for a challenge then Asylum fitness is the next step.

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Asylum Fitness: Level 2